Okay, it's over. And to celebrate the taking of my three-hour long acoustics midterm, I went to a wine tasting at a local wine shop. I got this here lovely cotes du rhone, and what is probably the best goat cheese I've ever had. It's a bucheron and I can barely stop myself from eating the entire wheel. It's like some heavenly combination of Brie and maybe a mild feta. Anyway, the tasting was fun, I'll definately have to do more (it's the wine market, my all time favorite wine shop, they were even playing Serge Gainsbourg) - but I'm saving the wine for this weekend. My parents are coming up, for this year's climbing competition. It's apparently going to be some kind of crazy party weekend. I'm really looking foreward to it!

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ily said...

i'm soooo jealous, for many reasons. enjoy your wine and mmm goat cheese and family and parties and trees and climbing... oh my!


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