This may become a writer's blog

As it would seem that I have no camera, nor any chance of getting one anytime soon, I may have to just be content to post with, *sigh*, no pictures. But, the good news is- we got bikes!!! yay! and the kidseat that I found at the thrift store years ago and have been holding onto ever since actually fits and works! I love it when that happens. You know, when you get to actually use something that you've squirreled away for no good reason? The other big news besides the fact that I will be in better shape and creating less pollution is that I am starting graduate school in one week (insert ominous music here). I've been to countless training and orientation sessions, finding out more about the University than I've ever cared to know, or will probably ever need to know. I just want to get started. I will be teaching three, count em, three sections of Intro to Psychology to Freshmen, each week. That should be interesting. The course has 600 students!!!!! Yikes! Years from now, when I start looking for teaching positions, I must make a note to myself to try to get one at a very small school. I'm thinking, some small, sleepy northeastern college town where I can ride my bike to work, striped scarf blowing behind me, while the leaves are changing to beautiful different colors- maybe an all girls school, that seems nice. Anyway, it'll be a long time from now- but if I make it a really really good fantasy, it might get me through those really grueling days ahead. All in all though, Louisville is pretty sweet and I am really looking forward to school and life here. We now have one of the coolest little bars in town, right on the corner of our street, the Nachbar. They have no website yet it looks like, but it's just a really great neighborhood bar that has a jazz band every wednesday, bluegrass on thursday and is now showing movies projected on the back of the building on some tuesday nights (thanks to the Louisville Film Society) There's just too many awesome things about this town to list. I love it. Which is odd, because I never thought I'd say that about anywhere I live (being that I'm transient and fickle by nature), but I do.


ily said...

one week!!! holy wow, that was quick, good bye summer for you (hello spring for me, i hope) Is SG back at school now? Good luck teaching super silly freshman... Get them into shape right away before they develop awful habits (good luck with that!)

maepress said...

SG is starting school tomorrow. Yes, so long summer, even though it's one hundred degrees outside.


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