This man Terrified my Daughter

I was reminded of one of the many joys of parenthood tonight... disappointment.
We had been very excited to see the new Pixar film, Ratatouille for weeks- after all it does contain two of my favorite things, France and food. But not twenty minutes into the movie, SG was cowering in my lap begging to go home. The head chef (the guy on the left) scared her too bad. Sigh. She really does scare easily, it's true. But I also shield her from a lot. She's only four. And I just can't believe American kids movies nowadays- they're all this constant dizzying action and a lot of yelling. I do feel pretty uncomfortable with most of it anyway. My Neighbor Totoro is still my favorite. I just want to ask these darn animators who are constantly trying to outdo one another, to just give it a rest. Chill. Slow down. These are little children- has anyone seen Lady and the Tramp lately? Kids need a few minutes here and there to just kind of sit back and take it in- make sense of it. Maybe she's just too young for these fast paced flicks, maybe they need to have an over six rating system or something. Curious George was nice. Calm, sweet, no one having their lives threatened with sharp knives, or being shot at repeatedly with a shotgun, or loosing their entire family and almost drowning . (all of which occur in the first 20 minutes or so of Ratatouille). Call me old fashioned but since when did violence become the norm instead of the exception?


Even said...

You remember "Black Beauty"!? We were at Tri-county Tech day care and they took us all to see that. I think we were 5 and 7. I was *terrified* by that movie. Were you? The burning/sinking boat was what got me. I'll never forget it.

SG liked "Cars", though, right? Maybe we need one more rating below "G". I thought "Ratatouille" was heavy on the knife-throwing/fire/near-death stuff for the wee ones.

maepress said...

I think I actually remember hiding under my chair for that one!

& yes- cars is her all time fave at the moment

ily said...

um, i was scared of the carebears movie. not sure how old i was, but around SG's age. The bad guy in the red sweats had evil red eyes when he was being evil to the carebears. it freaked me out, maybe some of the blame can be put on sunday school/satan talk.

maepress said...



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