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vintage children's books on flickr
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I've been spending the evening (while waiting for my little one to fall asleep and my hubby to come home) grazing flickr, one of my favorite ways to unwind. Got me thinking of all the great retro kids illustrations I know and love. One of the books pictured above was "Naughty Bunny" which was absolutely one of my favorites that I had forgotten about until tonight. (note the headline on dad's paper) I've been asking people if anyone knew of a Richard Scarry book about just bunnies and no one knew of it- here it is! I must get my hands on a copy. And another, in the lower right corner- is "I Can Fly" which is one of my new favorites. I'd love to somehow blow those pictures up and frame them to hang in SG's room. I have a couple of books like that actually. Unfortunately, her room has very little wall space- it used to be an attic, and the ceilings are sloped. It's a very sweet room though- although she doesn't like sleeping in it! This is why I'm on the computer at the moment, the other tiny upstairs room is our office, and she finds it comforting to fall asleep with one of us "working" up here. It's really a wonderful evening though, a cool breeze blowing the curtains, someone's cutting grass outside, birds twittering. The sun's sinking, although it's still fairly light out at 8:30- I better enjoy while I can since we did just pass the solstice. Just to mention- for dinner tonight I cooked up some zucchini feta pancakes from the Moosewood Cookbook- oh man, they are divine!!

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