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August swap sent
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Here's my August Swap-a-rama. The colors this month are supposed to be some thing bright paired with neutrals. I went with varying shades of green. My partner said she liked dark brown with teal, so I tried to incorporate that as much as possible. I need to send this out today. I think this may be the last one I do for awhile, not only will I probably be too busy to do a good job, but our budget's getting tight with school bills. I looked up one of my textbooks today and it's going to cost 180.00. For one book. Ridiculous. I don't even want to think about all the fun stuff that I could buy with that. And it's statistics. Ugh.
Anyway, I'm sending out my package this afternoon. Hope she likes it- and gets it. My post office is not doing so well in my opinion. So far three of the dozen or so packages I've sent out never made it to their destinations. I asked about delivery confirmation on the last one I sent out to the Philippines, the postal worker said it would cost me 70.00! Yeah right. At least this one is in country!

*note- package to the Philippines has been received!


ily said...

holy wow, that's expensive!!! yeah, international mail is expensive which is why nobody back home has received any packages from me. oh and about the stats book, make you sure you do a good online search for a used one (and asap before others snatch them up). you're swap package looks pretty, me likey.

Felicia said...

What a lovely package of treasures. She will love them :)


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