strawberry day

SG and I have started our yearly ritual (I guess at this point it's a ritual, this is the third year now) of picking. Strawberries are always first on the list. Blueberries in July and appples in the fall. That's all we can do here. In South Carolina you could pick pretty much anything. All sorts of berries and veggies- we even picked figs one afternoon. Anyway, this morning it was all about the Strawberry- at Gallrein Farms. A good drive out into the country, and a beautiful place. Pickings were a bit slim this year, either due to the late frost or lack of rain, not sure, but we got enough for our happy hands. We just eat them. No canning for me. I might freeze half of them for smoothies. I definately want to make strawberry shortcake this year, I always mean to and then I never do. And to celebrate the day and continue the theme, I finished her apron There's more pictures on my flickr page. Maybe I can find some other farms that have other berries. There's a great website that lists all the u-pick farms in the country pickyourown.org They also have good tips and recipes.

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