The Modern Summer

The rate at which things are growing is making me so happy right now. It seems like everytime I step outside things have doubled around me. It helps to have fast growing melon vines and fat sunflowers. Our vegetable garden does look a bit puny but that's what we get for planting it so late. This week has been pretty hard, my husband's been working until so late every night that I'm stuck between the rock: feeling like a single mom and not liking it: and the hard place: not feeling like I have a right to bitch because he's actually working-not going out or having fun or anything. Yargh. I just hope that this weekend I can go hit the vintage stores by myself and mosey around at my own pace in peace and quiet. Or take a yoga class. Or read a book. Pretty much anything that doesn't require me to feign interest in something that anyone who can tie their own shoes would not care about. I'm going to head out to the library tomorrow and pick up some books on keeping the Montessori spirit alive in your house. I'm dejected that it will be two whole months that Skater Girl will be without her beloved school and friends. She'll be spending her time in day care. I thought summer was supposed to be fun? I guess such is the modern plight of children of two working parents. No sprawling three months of glorious inactivity. No staying up late to chase fireflies. Although, curfews be damned we did it the other day- and it was great! squealing with joy at their little flashes and sprinting on little dirty feet. I get as excited as any child when I see the first ones of the season. It's my hope that someday when I'm a professor that I'll be able to take summers off and give my child the same freedom that I had growing up. Although, this may just be a pipe dream, it's a long way off. At least next year she'll be old enough for summer camp!!
(I promise I'm going to try to stop complaining so much- hopefully the next post will be of happy fruit :)

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RitaWatkins said...

Ahhhh yes, lazy days of summer. My favorite memory...Fort Belvoir, Va. I was 5 and just learned to spell my last name "fitzgerald". I kept forgetting the "e" after the "g". I couldn't wait until dark. I had my mayonaise jar with the lid poked with holes and was ready to catch the first firefly I saw. It was really had to catch those little buggers. I lived along the creek, had a baby sister who was 3. She was probably already in bed; I was older and got to stay up later. SG this would be your grandma. We didn't have any brothers then.
It's kinda strange now that I don't remember any other bugs. What fun!!! I know I have pictures somewhere in Great-g'mas stuff.


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