playing catch-up

The Oak man's back from his trip north (thank goodness!). Looks like these tree climbing competitions will be in our future for a long time. He judged this one and apparently had even more fun than when he competes. I'm excited because Limbwalker will be hosting Kentucky's competition this year and it's going to be here! This has never happened before, we always have to travel somewhere which is sometimes awesome (Montreal) and sometimes not so much (Owensboro). But this year, we get all the perks of having our house right by, and all our friends will get to hang out, it'll be great. (it's in October y'all!) Anyway, trying to enjoy my summer as much as I can even though I'm back to work this week. SG's new thing now is writing books. If I can, I'd love to scan in the one she just made, There once was a little Oval, so everyone could read it, it's quite funny.
on the craft note, I've joined an amigurumi swap! I'm excited to get started on that. Oh, and I made some pillows for the couch yesterday using this awesome tutorial.

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