We watched this documentary last night. It has settled a cloud over my brain. I can't stop thinking about it. What causes people to relinquish their free will to what they imagine is a "higher power"? Whether it is a cult or not. It made me think of tobacco companies. The death is not as fast, but it is as certain, and we buy into it. Nine hundred people went down that day. nine hundred. That takes awhile. It's chilling to think about. And baffling. I always thought that the story was that he told them the world was coming to an end. But it was just that they feared their way of life was. And they didn't go willingly it sounded like either. He killed the children first. Tragic. And yet, people let him. They followed him, they loved him. Just like any dictator. There were a lot of parallels to dictatorships actually, he had his voice going on the loudspeaker day and night. He turned people against one another, children against their parents. The only information they could receive about the outside world was through him. I always wonder if it is planned, these power trips. It seems like simply a snowball effect of egotism and pride. The more power they get, the more they push to see if people will follow. Will they give up their grandparents? Will they give up their books? Their music? Their lives? The ultimate testament of loyalty. I wonder if all these men; Jones, Mao, Hitler etc... if they all had a need to prove to themselves that people would love them. Are they calculated sociopaths or just charismatic schizophrenics? That, to me is the real puzzle. That and the fact that I will never understand blindly following anyone or any idea. But, I've always known I was a minority in that regard.

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sweater girl said...

i'm with ya, on the wide legs. those skinny jeans from last year have got to go!


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