swap package arrives

fabulous finland!
Well, on Saturday I got my first coloriffic swaparama package in the mail. (click on the picture to see better and other shots!) It was from Finland- which was in and of itself very exciting. I was staring at the stamps with my husband poking me to open it! It was such a wonderful package, she had individually wrapped things and labeled them. Everything was very beautiful and thoughtful. I adore marimekko but would never imagine to actually own anything of theirs, and now I have a cute little journal and napkins! I can't wait until we have our first house party and I can put them out! She also sent along candies. I don't know why but I get such a kick out of food and candies with different languages and packaging than I'm used to. And a cool magazine- and colored pencils and cute little handmade magnets. It was such an inspiration to make my next swap package really special. It's better then a birthday! I may have to stop other swaps though, and only do this one. It's totally going to be expensive if I keep it up. Although, in the fall I probably won't have time once I start school. Anyway, Finland! I couldn't have imagined a cooler, more exotic locale! Thank you so much Linda!

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