sleeping house

Skater Girl is taking a nap today, something that doesn't usually happen. I've read, painted my toenails, baked some cookies, and of course, spent some time playing on the computer :)

We went to the farmer's market today and got some beautiful bib lettuce and snap peas and asparagus, all fresh picked and lovely. We also of course got some goat cheese from our favorite farm. And for breakfast, fresh baked country ham quiche and a cup of blackberry lemon iced tea. Yum! We saw some friends and neighbors and SG had fun looking at all the dogs and the guy playing guitar while playing kazoo.

This evening we'll be heading out to a BBQ at our friend's place, as soon as SG wakes up- whenever that's going to be! Yesterday was her last day of school and so to celebrate that and just the fact that it was Friday we went out to one of our favorite restaurants. The margaritas and mojitos were flowing and SG was happy to entertain us and half the patio with her antics. And lord knows, when the kids are being good, you just roll with it and stay out late! So she didn't get to be until after 10 and was practically delirious. And couldn't stop whispering in every one's ears ("we're staying up late")
Yay summer! (sorry ily)


ily said...

making me hungry!

Even said...

That's pretty funny. SG's really knocked out cold.

maepress said...

she slept for three hours!


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