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I found an amazing tutorial today while surfing around for the best way to make the lining for a tote bag. I've made them with lining before but thought there might be a prettier way. Turns out not only is there a prettier way, but once you understand the logistics of it (which took me a moment) it's waaaaaaaay faster and easier!! Those japanese again, I tellya. This picture is from the tutorial, you can see the cool little folded under corner on the base, it's ingenious. I'm making a tote for my daughter's teacher. Her last day of school is Thursday and her teacher is moving away. :( I can't really believe that SG's first year of school is almost over! She seems so much more grown up than the sad little three year old that I had to pry off my leg on the first days. Now she has friends, she knows how to draw real pictures with ground and sky and people doing things that actually kind of look like what she says they're doing. And she's reading a little. It's taken me a long time to get used to the idea that she has a life outside of what I know. I met her best friend for the first time the other day and was stunned by how completely inseparable they were. And overjoyed by the fact that it was a very likable little boy with a "B is for Bob" shirt on! It's been a really good year for her I think. Montessori was a very good choice for all of us. I wish that I had that kind of confidence about the summer camp she's going to go to. Actually, I just wish we could take the summer off. Oh well, maybe next year.

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Even said...

Yesterday I was in conversation with a programmer and he showed me an amazing logical convention that shortened my program by a good five lines; to which I replied, "Dong!" Skater Girl's contributions to my vocabulary are by far the most fun. (Maybe you should make a Skater Girl glossary here).


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