When I arrived home today there was a package- it was my sock monkey! She's really lovely, the embroidery on the mouth, the bow on the tail and the shoes- I love the shoes! She came from Texas from the lovely Willow Tree! She thoughtfully checked out my little ol' blog and noticed the afghan behind me was red white and blue, and that's how she came up with the colors for the monkey. The funniest thing, after I read this (in her note) I look down, not only am I wearing a red, white and blue striped shirt but Skater Girl's wearing her new red and blue cookie monster overalls! Who knew I actually liked those colors so much?! SG immediately claimed her for her own. I am curious to see what sort of name she comes up with. (she named the monkey I'm working on Fransom) We love her! Thanks Willow Tree!!

(once again I feel the need to apologize for my sorry camera. Willow Tree has pretty pictures on her flickr page, if you're curious)

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