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I thought I'd post some links to all of the flower tutorials I'm seeing. It started with these felt flower pins and seems to have become a big brooch craze. Here's Molly Chicken's using fabric (more fabric from artsycraftybabe and a pretty one here from cat's crafts), felt by betz white, paper by the wonderful wise_craft (and a flickr group), and some cute little guys made of straw and other things. There's also a ton of free crochet flower patterns here and knitted patterns here. Personally, I love it. I've always liked brooches. I have a few vintage flea market finds that I wear occasionally. But I'm definately on the flower pin ship, or just as decoration for lots of things; hats, shoes, bags. I want to try this one in particular, these types of flowers are called Kazashi and as usual are from Japan and are lovely. Some other photos of flowers from japanese craft books here, here and one devoted to flower accessories, sigh japanese craft books... I also love this lady's work, especially this pinwheel pin. I have made a couple simple felt flowers but I'd also like to try Heather Bailey's idea of using a running stitch to wrinkle the edges. Oh, and above is a thrifted 50's skirt I decorated with felt flowers some months ago.

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very cute!


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