belated mother's day

I forgot to post yesterday, but it's a good thing, because I was having such a lovely day! We spent the whole day outside, enjoying the absolutely perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold. I planted a holly fern, a butterfly bush, some rosemary, some spicy basil, and a couple more lavenders, now we have a nice row of them in front of the house. I have a bunch of vegetable plants waiting on the deck for the garden to be tilled up. And SG and I have planted tons of seeds. Our Nastursums that we planted a few weeks ago look awesome, and she's got lots of sunflower seeds coming up that she planted. Plus we have watermelon plants growing on the burms. And we now have stairs!!! For those of you who've never been to our little house, we've had no stairs leading from the back deck to the back yard ever since the Oak man took it on himself to cut the deck in half with a chainsaw (almost a year ago!!!) But yesterday he built some stairs finally and it looks great! Our roses are blooming and we've mulched everything in. We even painted the front porch yesterday too. Albeit I was holding a flashlight while he painted at that point , but we got it done! It was quite a day. Someday I'll have a camera and take some "after" shots. Till then, you'll just have to use your imagination, which I'm sure looks better than the real thing anyway!
So I hope all my momma friends (and my momma!) had as awesome a day as I did.

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