Where a girl desperately wishes she lived in the country

Yesterday (which, coincidentally was Earth day). We went to the Capriole Goat Cheese farm. It was a fairly random decision, my friend and I were sampling cheeses at the farmer's market saturday morning and the Cheese Lady (Judith Schad), told us to come out for their open farm day event. We did, and am I ever glad. When we first arrived, we were just stunned by the sheer beauty of the place, I really felt like I was on some little Italian farm. (not that I've ever been, but it seemed like that's how it would look, with grape arbors, and rolling hills, little gardens and outbuildings tucked here and there). Continuing the European feel we were led to a beautiful shaded spot set up with tables where we could sample the abundant cheeses and drink raspberry iced tea. The kids had fun trying all the cheeses, and then were free to run loose while we relaxed. I was tickled with how excited skater girl and her buddy were with trying all the different cheeses, even the so called "stinky" ones! I'm happy to be raising a kid with a sophisticated palate. After that we got to tour the farm and see all the goats. It was so well organized and lovely. SG even got to hold a day old kid. They seemed to like her a lot. I think she would love living on a farm. (and for those of you out there who say "what kid wouldn't?" there were other tykes present that wouldn't even go into the pens :) I overheard SG telling her friend later on as they were throwing rocks in the pond, "I have to go tell my mom goodbye". She had decided to stay there forever! We had such a nice time. The owners were so welcoming, they made everyone just feel right at home.

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mmm goat cheese... I'm jealous!


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