Swap madness

I have so many outgoing swaps right now. The biggest and baddest is the coloriffic swaparama, which has been fun, but a lot of work. I'm hoping that next month the theme will be a little easier. I'm not sure if it was the theme that was hard though, or just my partner. It's not easy coming up with stuff for a person who's taste is so different from mine! Pictured is the journal I'm working on for her, it's going to be a japanese stab binding, but I can't find my awl. Argh. I've been working on it for days, and it finally looks right. It's pretty different from stuff I usually do. The package includes candy, beads, fabric flowers, a felted purse, and some glitter and what not. Although, I think it's been good to be challenged. I'm definitely happy with the way the book looks. Anyway, once that's shipped off to canada I can relax a bit. I have a sock monkey that I need to finish sewing and send out to spain, then poetry atc's to make and send out too. I should do those first really. I'm doing ee cummings, of course. I can't wait until we have a better camera, it's frustrating to make art and then not be able to show it off! Soon soon soon. I'm looking at cameras on Ebay.
Some around the web news, I found a really cool little book club, ship of fools that happens to be reading the same book I am, On Beauty.
I also stumbled onto Miranda July's website for her new book, No one belongs here more than you. Which is just a really great website.
Finally, I'm very excited to see the new issue of Craft, which I may go out and buy tonight. It's devoted to Japanese stuff, hell yeah!

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