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We're back from our vacation. Back to chores and routine, woo hoo. I've got so much laundry to do. It was such a treat staying in a beach house that has only what you need (lots of magazines and wine) and none of this excess clutter. And a maid. And it's also so nice to be back in KY where it's 40 degrees and raining. Sigh. I am wearing a sweater. I am not happy. But it's been nice playing catch up with our friends. If there's one thing I can say about living here, we have some good friends. And Skater Girl does too. It's just so dreary outside, I want to bake all day. Here's some picture of the beautiful beach and our crabbing dock. And here's hoping it will be sunny again soon, and I'll be posting pictures of gardening and farmer's markets.

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i knit, that's it said...

oh folly beach... that house looks great! and the charleston bridge in the backgroune... sigh... there are somethings i will miss about the south. oh and boo hoo you got to go play on the beach with warm weather!!! we just had ANOTHER snow storm up here!!! miss you (and sc beaches...)


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