**I love Louisville in the springtime**

Spring is here it looks like, and brought with it a surprise. When Skater Girl and I got back from work/school, there were cute little purple crocuses popped up in our front yard! It's quite exciting. The red maples are flowering, and the forsythia- always the harbingers. But the crocuses I didn't even know we had, since we weren't here this time last year.
I sent out my collage swap package to Toronto today, hope it makes it there well. I've also joined the coloriffic swap-o-rama finally, this is the one I've been wanting to join. The pictures on flickr look great. I love mail. So does SG. I think all kids do.
It's totally this time of year that reminds me why I love it here, this is a very pretty city in the Spring. Although they probably all are, right? It just seems like there's so many parks here. And I know a lot of people who really care about making their little yards so pretty. We've got a lot of work to do before our garden can go in- I'm really looking forward to that this weekend!!

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