I know it's cliche, but...

This March is truly in like a lion, the winds have been unbelieveable, one minute snow, the next minute sunny and crisp. Hoping the lamb will show his face too!

On the birthday front, one down-one to go. My husband, the oak man's day is is March 14th, also known as "steak and sex day", "pi day" and Einstien's birthday. Just planning a simple afternoon get together with some friends the following Sunday.

On the fiber front, I've got two baby projects I really need to get started on. And I'm debating making another crocheted doll for my friend's daughter whose b-day party is April 1st.

One more note- I've joined a swap! There's this great website called swap-bot where you can join up all kinds of fun mail swaps, I've been wanting to do one these forever, but I always seem to hear about them after the fact. I'm doing a collage swap. Should be interesting!

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