Pockets and Pipsqueaks

I got the idea from the craftzine blog to make a tiny apron out of a dishtowel for skater girl. She really does love helping out in the kitchen, and I figure too if she wants to wear it while gardening that could work too. I'm going to use the leftover to add pockets to the front so she can carry the random stuff that she wants to carry. She loves pockets, and I'm now finding that I have to empty them out before I throw her pants into the wash. Although most kids probably like them too, I figure she might get it from me a little. I must have pockets on everything. I'm actually going out this afternoon to try to find a dress for a wedding I'll be going to in a couple of weeks. We also have another wedding in May, and of course, the Derby- so I figure it's a fairly well justified purchase. Anyway, I"m just so happy that the new fashion for women is pockets. All the cute dresses I see have them. Yay! It's almost 80 degrees out side, I'm wearing flip flops and we've been planting and working in the yard all weekend, it's marvelous. Things are leafing our everywhere. So, the dishtowels are from KMart. I don't think I'm going to use them in the kitchen though, they're just too cute. I may have to make a tote bag or something, we'll see. I've got a ton of sewing projects I want to get started on, but I can't stand being inside the house when it's like this outside! I'll wait for a rainy day, looks like we have some coming anyway. Oh, I have a thought, Skater Girl's friends birthday party is next weekend, maybe I could make her a lemon apron! I'll have to ask her mom which fruit she would prefer. Although, I'm not parting with the apples. Okay- must go get bias tape and a dress!

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Natasha said...

Awesome prints on the towel, they will be great made up.


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