snow outside but spring is in the air

Perched in the tree out side my third story office window I can see a small flock of big fat robins. They look cold and ruffled. This is the second flock I've noticed in the past few days. Are they coming back up north? Are the birds really flying back? It's strange to think that even though it's 16 degrees (!!!!) outside that they know, by some internal clock, or ray of the sun that it's time to fly home. It makes me feel hopeful. They're so round, they almost look like pigeons!

note: image is not my own, came from here, hopefully, I'll have a camera soon!


i knit, that's it said...

i like your blog, it is fun to have something new to read every day!

stitchkommander said...

Thanks! It's nice to write about whatever comes to mind.


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