I heart vintage

I got these little goodies yesterday at my all time favorite vintage store, Tickled Pink. If they had a website, I'd link to it. It is an old house filled from top to bottom, three floors, with random odds and ends. Lots of kitchen stuff, some toys, decor- and it's all vintage lovliness, and it's all DIRT CHEAP. Next time I go though, I'll have to not bring the little one, because- even though she is wonderfully well behaved and actually loves thrifting with me, the place is absolutely nerve-wracking, glass every where, teetering shelves, all kinds of sparkly knick-knacks just begging to be touched by little hands! yikes! Anyway, these are to add to my collection of vintage mugs. I just love them, and the napkins are just napkins- which I use. one other nice thing about this store is that it's open on sundays, which is so nice, because what is there to do on sundays in the winter? Laundry? yuck. oh, and skater girl got a sweet bunny as a reward for not breaking anything.

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