early to bed...

I'm slowly becoming the morning person I always wished I was. I enjoy watching the sun come up and leisurely drinking a steaming cup of coffee. Sometimes I wish I could be the first one up in the house, but this always proves to be impossible. Things I love about mornings nowadays are the quiet, 3191, npr's morning edition and snuggling under the down comforter with my daughter. The cat always is polite enough to wait until the radio comes on to pounce and purr with us. This is all very new to me as I have spent my entire life before children as a night owl and sleeping until all hours of the day. But still, I have always felt a longing for morning, as though I was missing something. As though wisdom came with an early rise.


Even said...

I guess we will assume that it's only your erroneous server then telling us that you posted at 3:04am :)

I like mornings, too. But I also like the night. What to do!? Unfortunately I just typically don't get enough sleep, which is bad :(

i knit, that's it said...

i like your new blog. it's super cute!


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