coffee and cabin fever

I wish I could post a decent photo of the winter wonderland outside. It's been snowing continuously all day. But my isight doesn't really do it justice. I still get so excited about snow, since I grew up in the south and it was so rare. Everything closed and even the grown ups got the day off. I have a memory of sledding down the neighbor's driveway, who was also our pediatrician. The whole neighborhood came out, and we all flew down the drive on garbage bags, or whatever we had on hand. What a great day that was. Skater girl's been drawing a lot, she's entertaining herself quite well today, making a wreck of the house, but still. What I love even more than the fact that she's recently been trying to draw actual real things is her after-the-fact explanations for them, this one is a picture of her cousin, on a boat and the yellow object is the gas can so she won't run out. One thing that is helping me get through the day is this fantastic coffee I got yesterday from here. It's making the whole house smell delicious. The dolly's coming along well- picture's are being posted on my knitting blog . The husband's out of town this weekend, which is the other reason for the cabin fever. Being the sole entertainment for a three-year-old can be exhausting. All my mom friends are busy today. It's my goal though to make some pillows and a secret gift for a friend of mine. I also have an idea for a large collage I want to make. Must get to work. Must get motivated!! Must drink more coffee...

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Russell said...

Wow! I'm impressed with how much more complicated her drawings have become even in just the few months since I was up there!


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