bedtime stories

One of the rituals around my house is the beloved bedtime story. It made me very happy the other day when someone I was talking to told me the fond memory they have of being a child standing in front of the bookcase, and carefully picking out the book to read before bedtime. I hope that my daughter will look back on that too. I don't really remember if my parents read to me or not, although, I really don't think they did. Not that they never did at all, just not before bed. Of course, being one of three children, that wouldn't surprise me. But at our little house, with one little child, setting aside time before bed to read a story or two is mandatory and well enjoyed. Especially when it's a fun read like this one. It's just right for our three-year-old too, it has tension, suspense, peer pressure on the playground, onamaotapia, for a kid- that covers many of they're favorite things. And growing up in the crazy world that she does, she read it to her grandparents last night on an ichat video conference. I love that she can see them, they live eight hours away. I can't even begin to imagine how her little brain might be processing it- does she think they're real? Does she understand it's happening in real time? It must seem different than TV because it's interactive, and it's people she knows, but still- I can watch her interact with the TV sometime, or watch a video of people she knows and the lines definately seem blurred.
On that note, I have an interview for a PhD program in experimental psychology tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe these are just a few of the many questions that I'll research. Or maybe my brother will, since he likes meda more than I do.
And a note on media- I just happenend to stumble yesterday (as is so common in the "blogisphere") upon what looks like a pretty heated debate about mothers drinking at playgroups, a today show spot and much subsequent ranting about said today show spot. I have to say, what I find most interesting about the whole think is this: media as we know it has changed, a lot. I didn't see the today show spot. I don't watch that crap. But I did get to read the opinions of the woman who was on it. And from there fall into the cascading domino trap of links about it. And I happen to find all kinds of great, intelligent, witty blogging moms. And guess what Today Show? You just don't matter. And all of these bloggers kept refering to the "media" and I'm thinking, this IS the media- you guys, we all are. tee vee is just not cutting it so much anymore. We all know it's all paid for by all the same people. We all know there's slants to everything on it. You'd have to be stupid to think television endorsed free speech. But, WHO CARES? I just don't care anymore. I can see through the box. (and into another one haha)
But really, it makes me just joyously happy to read the real words of real people.
And so I'll end all of this with this.


emily said...

i agree, if it weren't for thesuperficial.com, i would have never known anna nicole smith died. thank you bloggisphere.

Russell said...

Emily, I really wish you hadn't posted that link to thesuperficial.com. Ugh. That's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Anyhoo, Mandy, awesome to see you doin the blog thing. We gotta stick together, keep net neutraility alive, and take down the Man!

stitchkommander said...

ha ha! Chris and I were arguing about whether or not she was dead last night! I knew it!


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