Spring capsule wardrobe 2015

Here's my actual closet looking so fresh and springy!

Time for the big reveal... My spring capsule wardrobe! 

I've had so much fun putting this together, and in the past few days I have been having a great time wearing it! In my last post I discussed my process of putting it all together. My color palette ended up being mostly navy, white and grey with little pops of kelly green, and coral. 

I think that it has turned out just super cheerful and fun! 

I have given up on my camera abilities for now, and decided to just create some collages using Polyvore. So some of these clothes aren't EXACTLY like what I have in my closet, but they are pretty close.

Also, like I said in my previous post, I didn't actually spend anything on this wardrobe, which is a HUGE win! Everything came out of storage, or was rolled over from my winter capsule. I'm still on the lookout for a cute midi skirt to round out my skirts, but other than that, I'm done!

So, here it is in all it's glory. 

T-shirts and tanks

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2015: tops


Spring capsule wardrobe 2015: blouses
I am missing my Anthropologie blouse from my winter capsule - I just couldn't find a picture that was even close.


Spring capsule wardrobe 2015: sweaters

Dresses and skirts

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2015: dresses

Jeans and Pants

Spring capsule 2015: Pants

So, that's basically it.

Here's how it broke down:

  1. Pants (7) - there's a pair of wide leg linen trousers not pictured here
  2. sweaters (6)
  3. long-sleeved shirts (2)
  4. short-sleeved shirts (6)
  5. tank tops (2)
  6. dress shirts (8) - two other printed blouses not pictured, just couldn't find anything
  7. dresses (3)
  8. skirts (3)

All together that's 37 pieces. You'll notice that no, I don't include shoes or outerwear. I don't bother with shoes because I don't have that many, and I tend to keep them all out all year around. I also don't bother with coats, because the weather here is insane and I have a coat for every type of weather. I might show my coat capsule sometime, but I'll save that for another day!!


Creating my Spring wardrobe Part 1: the big clean-up

You know the feeling when you dump everything out of you purse, shake it out and put everything back in again, but this time neatly organized and minus all the gum wrappers and loose change? If you are the kind of person who, like me, this gives a little thrill to, then putting together a capsule wardrobe will be right up your alley. 

However, if you are NOT that kind of person, don't despair, it can still be a lot of fun! My favorite part of putting together my new wardrobe each season is shopping my closet. I get to pull out all of that stuff that I put away last fall or winter. There's always cute pieces that I've forgotten about. 

In fact, this year since I have successfully pared my wardrobe down to only things that I absolutely love, I created my entire spring capsule wardrobe without buying a single thing. 

Of course, I am going to buy a new skirt and a new pair of kicks, but I don't HAVE to, you know?

So I'm going to break down my process for you. This is not the prettiest post, true, but I'm hoping it will be helpful! By the way, I'm going into this assuming that you have already done the work of planning your style, and color scheme. If you haven't, take some time to do that. Either with Pinterest boards or a planner like this one . Just a word of warning, if you haven't done a little thinking about what you'd like your wardrobe to look like, this process will be a lot harder.

OK - here we go!

Step 1: do laundry
Ha ha, yep - you have to do this first. Why? Because you don't want to go through the whole process of picking your top 6 perfect shirts and then find out there's two in the dirty laundry that you want to include too!

Here's my little pile of laundry! One of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe, not much laundry :)

Step 2: pull out clothes from storage
I'll admit, I've been looking forward to this for weeks. I just love going through all my warm weather clothes and seeing all the fun stuff in there! I have three bins, one for sweaters, one for winter and fall clothes, and one for summer and spring. (Winter just takes up more space). 

By they way, if you don't have clothes in storage yet, you'll want to do this. It makes the purging process so much easier. There's always a few things that I don't want to part with, but I also don't want in my wardrobe at that moment. Putting them in storage helps with keeping things clean.

Step 3: go through stored clothes and pick out all the 'maybes' for this upcoming season
At this point, you are not necessarily picking each piece for your wardrobe. This is my pile for the spring capsule, but probably only about 2/3 of it made it in. Some I tried on and decided to sell, some went back into storage for my summer capsule.

Step 4: Go through your current capsule and put away anything that you are done with.  
You now have to pull everything out of your closet and drawers. If you already have a capusle, that's only about 37-40 pieces so it's actually not that bad. If it's out of season but you still like it, put it in storage. Most of my winter capsule fell into this category. A few things I kept for my spring capsule, and there was maybe two or three things that I decided to get rid of. If it's too worn to keep, or you are just tired of it, give it away. The Goodwill will take clothes in any state, if they can't sell them, they will turn them into rags. Don't throw them in the landfill!! 

Also, lots of folks are doing clothing swaps this time of year. They can be a fun way to get rid of clothes, just beware of coming home with as much stuff as you left with!

Here's my bag of clothes going to the thrift store - I sold them for $35! not too shabby

Step 5: Create Your Capsule!
This is an overhead shot of my bed. I've laid everything out according to category; sweaters, pants, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, button-down shirts, dresses, and skirts. Then I sat down and decided how many of each category I wanted to have.

This is a pretty personal process. For example, I only have two skirts but 9 pairs of pants, you might be the opposite. Or maybe you are just a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Or you want to have 20 dresses. Whatever floats your boat. 
I just find that having a number before I start really helps me to stay focused.

As usual, the kitty is very helpful. 

At this point, it was really just a matter of shaving off a few items that I wasn't completely crazy about and only keeping the ones that I truly love.

This is also where having a really solid idea about your color scheme and style can be a big help! Some restrictions are nice when you are having trouble making a decision.

So that was my morning yesterday! All together it took me maybe three hours, but I was having a great time, listening to music, browsing Pinterest for inspiration and I took a break for lunch.

Have fun with it!

For Part 2, I'll show you my wardrobe and talk more about how I decided on the number of items for each category.


My MVP: Most Versatile Piece

Today I want to talk to you about that one piece in my closet that is a real workhorse. My MVP - This may be different for different folks, but for me the clear winner is my little black t-shirt dress.

I have had it since my fall capsule wardrobe, I wore it during the winter, and I will definitely be putting it into my spring capsule! This dress is basically perfect. Let's just see some of the many (many!!) ways that you can style it.

First off - for warm days, just plain and simple.

It's chic and casual with sandals, perfect for being out and about. Throw on a cute hat and up the style factor

You can belt it and put on some fancy jewelry - perfect for a summer night out!

What about spring time? How about a punchy scarf and a denim jacket? 
Or under a stylish trench coat with some pumps? Very Audrey. 

In the fall  and winter you can layer it like crazy. Wear a shirt under it, a sweater over it, tights, boots, scarves. It's the perfect base for anything you can think of! 

I was very fortunate to find my holy grail dress on Thread-up. It was quite a find. It's Banana republic, and it's just a simple shift style dress in cotton. I will wear it until it falls apart and then I will probably cry. 

So tell me? What's your most versatile piece?


Spring inspiration

Yes, we are gearing up for a huge snowstorm tomorrow.
Yes, it's going to be a high of 24 tomorrow and a low of 2.

But I don't care, I've still got Spring on the mind! I can see the buds creeping out of the ends of the magnolia branches. I can see the little snowdrops and crocuses pushing their way up out of the soil. The sap is running, it's coming, it's coming.

So, as of late I've been having so much fun planning my spring capsule wardrobe. I've got a pin board for outfits and one for color palette inspiration. Let's take a look, shall we?

First of all, my color palette. Coming up with a color palette has been so helpful for me. It guides me when I'm shopping, it keeps my wardrobe cohesive, and it helps with versatility. This spring, I'm bringing back the navy, white and gray that I've been wearing all winter, but I'm also looking forward to throwing in some little pops of color. I'm thinking cranberry, or even an orange-y red, my favorite mustard yellow, and green. 

I figure that these colors will be mostly in the form of accessories, scarves, jewelry ect. My main colors will still be my good old navy, white and gray. But navy and green? Navy and red? Mustard and gray? So. Pretty.

Onto style...
First of all, I'm just crazy for midi skirts right now. This is the length I'll be rocking this season. 

I can't decide if I want a patterned one or a solid one. I've have found quite a few cute vintage ones on Etsy though! Here, here and here.

Ok, and let's talk shoes - I'm very excited to start wearing flats again. Either with boyfriend jeans, or tight cropped pants a la Audrey Hepburn.  

So many pretty shoes!!

I'm also thinking I might get some casual sneakers. I don't have any, and I'm liking the way they look either with a dress or skinny jeans. Right now, my favorite is the white converse look, but I'm not totally married to it. 

And finally, I'm really excited about prints this season. And for some reason, insect prints in particular. I already bought a really cute pair of pants from H&M that have moths all over them. And I found a pretty coral-colored blouse the other day at the thrift store which has little honey bees. These will both be in my spring capsule for sure. I need to be careful not to go overboard with the prints though. I do this, and then I end up with nothing but prints, and I can't mix and match!

So that's it for now. In a week I will be purging my closet, and pulling all of my spring and summer clothes out of storage. I'm pretty excited to see all the clothes that I forgot about from last year! I figure the only shopping I'll do is for a new skirt and some sneakers. I will definitely be posting about my process of shopping my storage and culling items from the winter. I seriously can't wait to put together a cheerful wardrobe for March, April and May!


Friday book review (tearful edition): All the Light we Cannot See

Wow, this book. I'm not sure what to say about it that hasn't already been said, but I'll try. Have you ever had a book that you can't stop talking about? I'm sure my husband was getting sick of hearing me talk about this book. But it's the kind of book that gets into your head, that you want to discuss. 

About the plot, I was hesitant to read this book at first because it is about World War II. Not only do I generally dislike books about war, but especially about Nazi Germany. Everything about war just depresses the hell out of me. And I know that it was an incredibly important time period, but honestly I just feel like WWII has been wrung out, and done to death. 

But no, I was wrong. This author gives us an entirely fresh take on things. War as seen through the eyes of youth, and as experienced through someone who has no sight, a young French woman named Marie-Laure. To experience the sounds and smells of a bombing, and to think about the already terrifying experience of surviving a bombing, but now without sight, was just masterful. There were moments of pure, pure genius in this book. Points where I literally had to just put it down and take a deep breath. She's smart as a whip though, and so incredibly strong, and in the end it is her other senses that save her.

In addition to the point of view of the young blind woman in the book, we also get to experience the point of view of a poor German orphan named Werner, who becomes seduced by the possibility of a better life through the Reich. I could see in a flash how easy it would be to buy into their stories when you have nothing, and they are promising so much.  My heart just broke over and over again at reading about this incredibly gifted and sensitive boy who becomes a cog in the machine of war.

Doerr has woven a tapestry that slowly brings these two characters together for a brief and gorgeous moment in time. That moment encapsulates the innocence of youth, and the innocence that was stolen from them so beautifully. I'm literally tearing up right now just thinking about it. 

Ugh, just read this book. It's incredible. But beware of reading it in public, unless you don't mind crying in front of strangers.


February round-up

We've had a week of snow days here in Kentucky, so my outfits lately have been mostly yoga pants and hoodies :) We have been curled up by the woodstove when we're not venturing out to walk to the library like I was here

As far as my winter capsule, I am still enjoying putting together outfits! One item I wanted to talk about today was my mustard yellow cords. These have been such a favorite. At the beginning planning stages of my winter capsule, I knew I wanted to include at least one item that was mustard yellow. I'll admit it, I have a thing for 70s colors; avocado green, burnt orange... you get the idea. 

But, there was one problem, if I wear yellow, I look like I have the flu. Any shade, it just does not agree with my complexion. The solution? Either a yellow skirt or pants! Then I can still have my pop of color while remaining healthy-looking. These were my inspiration, from the blog et pourquoi pas Coline - I don't speak French but I LOVE her style!

I found the perfect pair, after much searching. They are by Levis, not too canary, a little stretch, good length. I just love the way that Levis fit! 

And they pair so well with so many things. Since most of my tops are fairly neutral looking, I can wear them with just about anything for a little color. 

The absolutely perfect Breton Stripe sweater by LL Bean, and navy flats

Navy waffle-knit sweater - I wore this with some slouchy boots. The kitten was being very helpful

And here they are actually on me with a vintage cardigan and some black booties. 


So, is anyone else thinking of the Spring Capsule yet? I decided to go ahead and put mine together over spring break in March. I'm just so ready! I've got a pinboard with some inspiration. I'm thinking lots of prints, skirts and dresses. So ready for winter to be over!


The beauty of layers

One of the best things about winter is layering, cozy textures overlapping colors and patterns. 
But one of the most frustrating things about winter is layers too. Sometimes I feel suffocated by them all. And I am still learning the art of layers. 

This post is meant to be a meditation of sorts on the concept of layers. 
Rather than feature specific outfits, I wanted to highlight the layers themselves. 
Showcase them as snapshots of layers I've been wearing lately. 

Hopefully these photos evoke a kind of warmth and cozy-ness, and show the interesting textiles and patterns that I've been wearing lately. 






Happy February everyone!
Stay warm.


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